What Format Should I Send My Digital Files In?

We prefer PDFs, but we can work with JPEGs and other formats.  If you have the original files… well we might just kiss you.

A word about PDFs…

The Acrobat PDF file format, which stands for Portable Document Format, is a format for saving documents from any application to be viewed or printed on another computer whether they have the same application or not. This is an obvious beneficial tool for anyone working with documents that need to be viewed by many people. However, since they can be viewed by anyone with the appropriate Acrobat Reader, they can also be printed to any printer capable of reading Acrobat PDF files.

PDF files are created by creating a postscript document from your original document, then using a program called Adobe Acrobat Distiller to “Distill” the postscript file into a PDF file. Creating a postscript file is as easy as printing your document, however you must tell your print dialog to save the print job as a postscript file rather than printing it to a local printer. This actually allows you to print to any kind of printer regardless of whether you have the printer or not. If you are unable to create a postscript file, the art department will be glad to answer any questions you may have on this subject.